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Parts, Parts, Parts

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I've been away for awhile...lurking but not a member.


But I renewed because I have 3 bikes to part out ....all 1st Gen 83 and 84 blonde and 84 red


I have all the plastic, electrical and mechanical...even some new parts!



This is how I would like it to work.

Let me know what you want and I'll check the condition


If they are good enough to sell then we can discuss price.

those of you who may remember me know I am honest and will not misrepresent the condition of the parts.


If I can get a picture of the item without a lot of work I certainly will....but otherwise you will have to commit to purchase before I strip the parts off.


I don't have time to do all the work of stripping parts off for tire kickers!!!


Shipping will generally be by surface mail...with tracking.


Price will reflect condition...but I just want to move these bikes.


I am located in Kingston, Ontario.

I'm willing to pack and ship...but of course you would have to cover costs for shipping.


Please PM me or call 613-TWO-ONE-FOUR- 0958

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