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$40,000 Curtains


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So the wife says " honey we need need curtains in the kitchen" Being a considerate man He took her to the local fabric store and let her pick out fabric he then purchased all the rods clips and screw so they'd be new also. total cost around $150.00


A week later the wife says "honey theses drapes are so nice they make the kitchen walls look dingy" Being a considerate husband He took her to the Home improvement store and let here pick a color, he then bought paint primer cleaner brushes tape and rollers to do a good job. Total cost $450.00


Another week goes by and the wife says "Honey the colors in the drape and walls are so pretty I think we need new dishes and glass ware to really show it off" Being a considerate husband he took here to the department store where she picked a pattern. he bought dishes plates cups saucers new flatware serving utensils drinking glasses and accessories. Toal cost was $1500


Another week goes by and the wife says "Honey don't you think a new floor would would help the kitchen" Being a considerate husband, he took her to the home improvement store to pick flooring. He decided it was beyond his skill set so he wanted it installed. total cost $4000


After a few more weeks the wife says "Honey these cabinets are just old and worn out" Being a dutiful husband he went back again to the home improvement store where his wife picked out cabinets. After several week of fitting and measuring the toal bill was $25000.


The wife then says " Honey we just must do something about these old appliances" Well two week later all new stainless appliances arrive at a total cost of $9000.


After a few weeks the Husband says to his wife " you know honey we spent $40000 on the new curtains" The wife looks at him and says "honey I appreciate all you have done, what can we do for you to make it up"


The husband replies "well i think i need new curtains on my motorcycle?"

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