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  1. Yeah it's completely disconnected. I feel the throttle return spring doesn't have enough strength. Spent all night researching springs lol...
  2. Yeah, looks like I need a new one, here's a decent video on the matter:
  3. Yuck, I think I found the "Throttle Return Spring" https://www.ebay.com/itm/132595147550
  4. Hey all, got the bike running fairly well now but the idle is too high. I thought something wrong with the carbs, but no I don't think so, not internally. I DISCONNECTED the throttle and she idles high. If I push down slightly on the idle adjust throttle control assembly it idles down pretty nicely! Just where I want. I think the spring needs to be replaced, what do you think? Also share a link if you got one?
  5. She's also blowing smoke out of this area, which I think are another set of headers? I haven't done exhaust work yet. smoke out the back.mp4
  6. It was this hose here that was making carb 3 show up crazy on the sync tool -- so yeah if you're getting CRAZY readings, it's an air leak.
  7. Here's what I was able to figure out: You can totally sync the carbs by ear to a large degree. It turned out that my gauges say right on them that a possible air leak may be detected if no reading is being found, and infact I found a house that goes to these weird boxes beneath the CDI's. Hooked that up and boom I'm getting 3/4 gauges and they're all happy. Bike starts and runs good, but not *perfect* as I still have that 4th gauge that is crazy. Upon lifting the air box I can see that carburetor is going nutty, I'm wondering if something internal didn't seat right, perhaps that little tiny o-ring I mentioned previously on like page 3, might have to ensure that sealed correctly. I also have an exhaust header leak from when I bottomed out getting her off the trailer. But if I had a back-pressure issue I'm sure carb 2 would be outa whack as well, so I'm lead to believe it is infact the carburetor with some small airleak. Maybe that diaphragm is toast after all, luckily my new kit arrived. She also blows a lot of backfire as seen here. So I'm getting WAY closer to perfection and it's been a blast 3 of 4 carbs synced.mp4
  8. Pic #12 shows the location of the "B" and "C" screws. Screw "B" is used to adjust the right two channels of the Carbtune, and Screw "C" is used to adjust the left bank of two Carbs. (Cylinders #1 and #2) to the right bank of Carbs. (Cylinders #3 and #4) Ahhh! I was doing this wrong, with this information I'm sure I can get it dialed in.
  9. OK Thanks guys, makes sense I have it kinda in my head what to do, just need to make my hands do it which is the harder part
  10. Sync 90 Degrees out.mp4 Hey guys, I'm back - trying to get her all fine tuned and proper! However, I CANNOT get the sync to be all 4 the same. This is the closest I've gotten, and at the very worst I've gotten rid of the slight backfire sound. Anyone got some insight here? It's actually harder to start now than what it was when it was "willy nilly" lol -- one slight tap on the starter and she booted up but had a little backfire. Now I gota give some throttle and 4 seconds while HOT to boot.
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