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  1. I’m using 20-50 Lucas motor oil I’m positive that the clutch is replaced the way it should be there isn’t any damage to clutch basket the bike only has 23,000 miles on it I’m convinced the problem is somewhere in the clutch master or slave cylinder can’t seem to figure out which and would you please help me find the master and slave cylinder that would be great or a part number
  2. Good afternoon folks this is abid have a 96 Yamaha royal star XVZ1300 Recently my clutch started slipping I went ahead and replaced it with Barnett clutch kit part # 302-90-20037/clutch friction plates part # 401-90089050 steel clutch plates part # 511-90-10002 pressure plate I made sure to soak the plates over night I also removed the wires flushed the clutch but the motorcycle clutch is still slipping when the bike gets hot and as the bikes get hotter and hotter the clutch engages further and further please help I’m trying to keep a positive attitude but losing hope my guess is that the problem is in either clutch slave cylinder or master cylinder
  3. Is Lucas 20 -50 okay ? For engine oil ive bleed the system once when I installed the clutch plates and pressure plate I’ll flush the system again
  4. Good evening my name is abid I recently installed the Barnett clutch conversion kit i installed part #511-90-10002 and part #302-90-20037 Which is the clutch pressure plate and the friction plates ( it didn’t come with the steel clutch drive plates) I did everything as I was supposed to soaking the friction plates over night installed as I took them out fresh oil , filter I rode the bike for 10 min until the engine warmed up and the tranny started to slip again like it was doing prior to installing these parts I mentioned above i thought maybe it’s the steel clutch drive plates that I need to order so I ordered them as well now the first questions are which side of the steel plate faces inside and which faces outside there’s a smooth side and the rougher side? and should I scruff the metal plates on both sides or just one side what else do I need to watch out for other then fresh oil and filter tightening the pressure plate to 70inch pound of torque and making sure the pressure plate is snugged against the friction plate
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