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  1. Thanks saddlebum. I,ve never had a problem flat footing any bike as I,m tall. Being cramped is more of an issue. My knees hit the fairing on my current bike and that gets annoying.
  2. thanks, I've rebuilt brake MS, but not calipers.I don't know why you'd jam on the rear brake anyway, except in an emergency, and I don't know what's wrong with the shock, but I've seen used ones on ebay for pretty cheap, or can I live with the leak? I'm ok with a wrench, but I'd rather be riding than wrenching, and I'd rather pay a little more for a bike I could just ride. This seems a reasonable price and I could probably sell the beenmer for the same price, unfortunately I don't have room for 2. I've seen used prices as low as $1500 and as high as $5000, so I really don't know if the price i
  3. The seller said besides the sticking rear brake, the only othef issue is the rear shock leaking down over night, but the pump works and it airs up quickly?
  4. I'm not enjoying my BMW R1100RS because I'm getting to be an old man (66 in April] and the lean forward ,slightly aggressive posture and arthritis makes riding this excellent bike painful after a couple of hours. I was thinking something more comfy, like a Beemer LT or wing, but saw this on the local CL. I didn't know this bike even existed so it wasn't on my radar. It's only 30 mi. away, so I'm gonna take a look. advice? https://panamacity.craigslist.org/mcy/d/youngstown-89-yamaha-1300-venture/7280660020.html
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