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  1. I was on the "block" in the down town east side and found someone's cut , big venture touring society patch on the back. If it's down there for sale it's a good chance it was stolen out of a car it has pins with all the numbers up to 9 , a big sky country 1992 patch on the right side a Canucks 20 year pin a living proof pin 65th annual caribou pin , a red rmc pin and a 87 toy run pin and a 99 toy run pin it's a levi , I imagine this is pretty special to somebody so I traded some jewelry I had that ment nothing to me if someone on here can reach out to your Vancouver members and find the owner and tell him I have it but I would hurry because I'm cursed to fail and lose every thing I've ever wanted and fail at everything. I hope that this can be returned before it's taken or thrown or given away like everything that ever mattered to me and the rest of the art world
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