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  1. The drawing is hard to make out, but it looks like #49 is the spacer on the long bolt (one of four) that holds the assembly together? If so, that's a negative. Those are much bigger and aluminum. Once I figure out what to do with the extra bits of carburetor, my next project is fixing some wiring harness issues and figuring out what the bare minimum of stuff to hook up to run is. Right now I have the whole front fairing off and all those connectors unplugged. Its a real crap show, though - the wiring harness is butchered all over the place. Theres cheap toggle switches,
  2. So, I realize I ghosted on this for a while now. Project bike is pretty low priority, life got busy. Oh well. I finally got around to stripping stuff off the bike. And boy, is it ever more messed up than I thought. At this point I'm just gonna see if it'll run, just for the challenge and then see if I feel like continuing on. I just finished cleaning the carbs, and now it's time to ask the age old question: how many parts are supposed to be left over when it goes back together? I attached a picture of some extra little bushings/sleeves that I can't find a home for. Maybe someon
  3. I'm definitely going to get it running before dumping major time into the bodywork. That should be the easy part, if the guy was shooting straight with me. And it was my friend's dad that gave me this thing, so I fear incompetence far more than malice in this case. Even before that I need to get the title changed over. It hasn't been registered in a looong time. Hate to register something that might never see the road. On the other hand, I'd hate to put a bunch of work into it and find out there's a problem with the paperwork. I like where your head's at for sure. Unfortunately, a
  4. Thanks for the replies, guys! I just want to let you know I haven't dropped off the map. I've been working a lot and catching up on the honey do list. I'll be reading your responses and gearing up for this project soon.
  5. Hey, guys. I'm new here, but I thought I'd throw this out and see what comes back. I recently came into possession of a 99 Royal Star Venture, essentially for free. The guy who disposed of it in my driveway purchased it for a fairly ridiculous sum 5+ years ago and immediately wrecked it. He went some way to making it ridable again, but he was scared to ride it anyway so there it sat in his carport. The story is that it ran and rode OK when he parked it, but needed a new stator. I'm skeptical that he would actually be able to diagnose a stator issue, but that's the word. He provided
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