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  1. Thanks for the info. I can't wait to get these installed and feel the difference everyone talks about in the forums.
  2. So I can just buy a 2013 venture starter and it will bolt right up with no modifications? I just want to make sure because there were some posts I remember seeing about modifying a starter clutch or something.
  3. I need to replace the springs in my front forks and have been reading the progressive springs are the way to go. I wanted to double check before ordering if this eBay ad has the right springs that everyone else is using? https://www.ebay.com/itm/312975459359?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D233908%26meid%3D1804055449494e249bae0c0f3650b4e0%26pid%3D101195%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D390987077295%26itm%3D312975459359%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DSimplAMLv9PairwiseWithPLXWeb%26brand%3DProgressive+Suspension&_trksid=p2047675.c101195.m1851&amdata=cksum%3A3129754593591804055449494e249bae0c0f3650b4e0|enc%3AAQAGAAACEE0DY7r7aM6UTZfuiyHja0UMm485Ag2J3sjZi7Sc1lhA3sqq7rPF%2FvzE5Gu38YZgNLf1Te%2BsScBqT4BgXMC8LbQfO%2FEfq8MgoI20ru8R%2FF%2FdPdf%2BetgYsrNGVxOshfC%2Br7sPyQrOeuHZ3V7E1WZFkVHf8Gc7iambYY08mE4Etj5g5XAUjUXIDzwiL%2BlAcyi6tfhddtTUPLfD9XTPxN99qMn10VWEH4aetdKDTm%2B6xJCm46c3rHTVXdIauU%2FdfdlwwLRQjRwbf%2Bk084LhkKqowxlYHY66VIje1hAyg5VjaTOUxdsSJNmmD8VaPclgZ8G7JU4QZsRPDnTCq%2BxCzDtUtnQ2JcwFlW35x68in6YJvV2aNkhimgyOwdfI7lLCECYZDW5wM4WxXZSg2jfZByMqDOt%2FuQlOrhV1iPC06DNHd%2FMaJhg5ZuxCa5QlXLcfaoOS1pig98uEBArT%2F9HOgWndCD1SfdQMM8gk1EwtT5m%2FiX61YGCUFaHS23upi%2BnRkRAWAkdnHxFlwHL1%2F8UvnpuQKQh%2B6X0KyeaibDDGyMv%2Bo3Ztc9jLCX5HvE3CaprjRTO7RmWn6vE%2BohCyqafI3F81XtDLZmF5PiZhU%2BKqR8tht68jqq7UDEq2h0VbrKCfM%2B6%2FUQ1NjcckKJICxLk6RW4%2BE6k7PwmhlbRNsaSb7RMvXTZIXlvnxlJGJXBz3maGJlgSsw%3D%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2047675&epid=171339158
  4. I know this has been discussed before but I am looking for a direct bolt on 4 brush starter. In the previous posts I have found there were eBay listings but they have expired and I can't seem to find any information that says definitively which ones will work. Hoping someone here can help me out with finding a listing or pointing me in the right direction of what to look for. Thanks in advance
  5. I can't seem to find the article I did quite a while back about replacing the U-Joint. I was hoping some people could give me advice or tips for doing this. I already have the swingarm and rubber boot off. I was able to remove two of the clips for the cups that hold the U-Joint to the output shaft yoke and remove them with some tapping so the old U-Joint is off the bike however I don't see an easy way of putting the new U-Joint in. My U-Joint press is way to large to fit in the limited space available.
  6. In one of the videos where you can see the brake caliper that grinding noise is clearly the brake pads but sometimes there is a much worse grinding noise coming from the rear.
  7. I suspect my final drive to be going out. I started another topic asking about swaps but I wanted to start this one to see everyone’s thoughts about the noise I am hearing. It is a clunking/knocking and sometimes grinding noise coming from the rear. IMG_1976.MOV IMG_1975.MOV IMG_1973.MOV
  8. Is there any newer final drives available for a 88 venture royale? I thought I saw something about a much newer VMAX final drive swap but I can’t find the post. I have found posts where people are taking late model ventures and putting VMAX final drives on them but not sure if this applies to the much older models as well.
  9. Thanks for the info guys, I have a bit of thinking to do. The reason I really want the 777 HD is because I will be running on the heavy side. Me and my wife on the bike plus a sidecar with our 80lb dog. I do like the idea of dark siding with a run flat especially since I won't be leaning the bike with the sidecar attached.
  10. I am trying to find a replacement set of rubbers for my 88 venture royale and it seems like a lot of people are running the Shinko 777 HD's on their bikes based on another forum post I found, however this was for the RSV not the venture royale. I can find a Shinko 777 HD for the rear but it doesn't appear they make a HD version for the front. Is having a HD tire on the rear and a non-HD tire on the front going to be a big deal? https://shinkotireusa.com/product/black-wall-sr777-sr777-hd-tire/211908 I am curious what other people are running on their venture royales as well. My bike currently has the Dunlop Elite 3's on it but they are on their last leg and I was hoping to try something different.
  11. Here are the photos. To me it appears to be part of the oil seal but I can’t be certain.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I was thinking about doing that while I was in there too because I hear a strange "knocking" noise when hitting bumps and figured it was something in the u-joint.
  13. I have an 88 venture royale and it was leaking diff oil from the front of the housing. I pulled everything apart last night and it seems like the oil seal that is on the drive shaft itself was pretty well roasted. I tried to pull the oil seal off and it broke into pieces. Underneath of the oil seal it appears there is some type of sleeve that looks like it may have been part of the oil seal but it is hard to tell. This sleeve seems to be very tightly seized to the drive shaft so I am not sure if it is supposed to come off or not? All the drive shafts on eBay always have the oil seal installed on them and I obviously need to replace it. Do I need a special tool to remove this sleeve I am seeing? I just don't know if the oil seal should just kind of slide right off. In the photo below I circled the oil seal, circlip and washer I am referring too. I will try to get a photo of the drive shaft later.
  14. I didn't think of that until you mentioned it. However I don't see any listed in the classifieds on here.
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