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  1. Hi all. I have a 1999 RSV and have been fighting a parasitic drain on my battery for a few months now. The issue first exhibited itself as I was on a ride with a friend, where suddenly the lights dimmed, radio started fading in/out and finally the bike died. This was a new battery purchased from a local auto parts store, so I took it back where they tested it and said "everything was ok with it". They did, in good faith, replaced the battery as my bike was stranded and the batter was less than a week old. Went back to the bike with the new battery, started it and tested it while running by removing the positive terminal and the bike stayed running. Figured that was the end of it. Last week was planning to take the wife on a ride, and it wouldn't start. I usually have it on a battery tender but it had sat for about a week, and couldn't crank over. I have tested the Regulator/Rectifier using this method where everything seems good: https://venturers.org/Tech_Library/?action=article&cat_id=002007&id=400 I also pulled out the multimeter and started testing the Amp draw with the bike turned off ( =no keys in it ) by putting the meter in-line, checking both Pos/Neg separately. I've discovered that with all fuses pulled, except for main fuse, there is NO DRAW on the battery. As soon as I plug in the Back-Up fuse (responsible for keeping your CB/Radio/Trip info in memory) it draws .52 mA on the positive side, .31 mA on the neg side. ( I tested both sides ). This seems exceedingly high to me...does anyone have any advise on helping me track down the culprit? Could it really be the radio/cb? I've not updated or added any additional capability to the radio, so no additional CD changer, etc. TIA
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