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  1. Out of curiosity; prior to having swapped around your valve shims did you have any cold start issues? Even with a nice clean carburetor setup?
  2. So finally this evening I was able to do a little bit of work on the bike. As I mentioned previously I was think valve clearances were the culprit behind some really odd carb balancing on vacuum synch. Well I wasn’t able to take off the front valve cover but based off of the rear valves on the intake and the exhaust valves they are significantly out of whack. For the most part the clearances were exceptionally tight a couple of the exhaust shim clearances were approximately .08 mm instead of being between .16-.20 mm clearance.
  3. Which XJ did you start off with? Nice o meet a fellow XJer on this forum; we have another XJer from another forum something tells me that he is on this forum as well. Not sure he goes on another forum by Hogfiddles not sure if you know of him or not.
  4. I will have to “snip” the spark plug wire first to see if that gives a “healthier” spark at the plug. While I do this I will work to relocate the CDI. I am going to put a whole bunch of fun money on the valve shims are a huge part of why my vacuum synch did not produce the usual and highly anticipated results of nice super smooth rev or throttle return; also the bike has I believe something close to 40,000 miles and I am willing to bet the p.o. did not have this done due to him seeing an engine oil leak from the cam covers. He then parked it for years. My guess is that if the engine isn’t bre
  5. My plan is to replace the coil and the wires this winter. And the diaphragms look really pretty good when I rebuilt the carburetors the looked them over and didn’t see anything obvious I put them up to a light source didn’t see any pin holes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not something else. i did not rev the engine with the intake all pulled apart I have heard that it will not run correctly with it off. There are 2 coils on this bike? Oh boy I suppose I will have to test them out seeing as how I had relatively weak spark on cylinder 1; although I attribute that to a battery that is
  6. Alright an update. I got the carburetors on the bike. Took a bit for the system to prime. Multiple attempts. Then finally got her fired up. Just like some previous times bogged down when throttle up. So I decided to let it warm up. While letting bike warm up; I checked other systems I.e. the ignition system primarily the secondary ignition. 1. Found the insulator over the plug to be slightly leaking could literally feel the current zapping me from the outside while holding the plug against the crankcase this was on the left side sitting on bike. I figured I would check the other three to
  7. What if these plugs were in the incorrect location ? It appeared that the small plug was supposed to be on the pilot circuit. Would this cause an idle problem or rather a no start problem?
  8. Now I am curious as far as what the rubber plugs do on the jet block? But my pilot circuit was very clean on the carburetor and the enrichment well also. And also yes I swapped them around referring to the rubber plugs. The smaller one goes into the pilot circuit and middle one takes the larger of the two or atleast according to the VMAX carburetor cleaning guide that was on the pdf from the forum. I reset my float bowl fuel levels according to the guide. And I also set the air/fuel ratio screws from bottom 2 full turns out each. I am hoping that whatever was causing the problem for the ventur
  9. Thank you both for your very helpful input; and yes luvmy40 I know all too well of not using the cheap Chinese parts for any Japanese carburetor set up. This weekend after I have pulled the carbs off the bike I will post my cleaning results for everyone. I will also take lots of photos so as to be able to point out any questions or any points of concern that you good folk may have for me.
  10. Once I pull the carbs again I will go through them throughly; I will have to compile a list of each gasket and seal that I will need to replace. Has anyone dealt with throttle shaft seals on these carburetors or is that an XJ thing?
  11. Where can I find new gaskets and o-rings for the recleaning/ overhaul? At my local Yamaha dealer? Or another source?
  12. Hello all; my name is Jon. I have a newly acquired 1983 Yamaha venture 1200 xvz. So to try to explain what I have done here to get myself into the predicament that I am now in...... this is going to be to say the very least embarrassing for me. But the inner auto technician in me wants the damn machine running. Well I purchased this bike hadn’t run in probably a decade or better. That being said I figured need the carbs throughly cleaned..... duh! Well anyways I did pull the carbs off and cleaned out the jet block; that was a new one for me; I currently have a 1982 Yamaha Maxim 650 that I got
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