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  1. You mentioned Flanders Bars, do you have the part number?
  2. Thanks, my misses has the RSTD triked out and I am changing out her bars so I'll take a look at putting her stock bars on my venture.
  3. Our riding season is relatively short up in Canada's Northwest Territories however in June of each year we celebrate the summer solstice in Yellowknife with an event we call the Midnight Sun Run, longest day of the year and makes makes this so unique is that it does not get dark you can ride under 24 hrs of daylight. Interested...check us out http://www.nwtra.ca/
  4. Hi All; Looking for information regarding swapping out the stock handlebars on my 2007 Midnight Venture, what if anything is available? not looking to have to change any cables. Thanks In Advance
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