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  1. This was one of the things that did happen and i believe we have already corrected it. The mechanic said that the carb boots might be dry rotted which would cause air/vacuum leak? Are there any other prime culprits for leaks? Thanks Mark
  2. If the motor is running lean how am I barely getting 80 miles a tank?
  3. I have done all of those things except checking the resistance. But I guess I could have done it wrong or missed something so I will check again. When I roll on the throttle in any gear it gets a little choked up. When I'm all the way in 5th gear and I'm around 70 there comes a spot in the throttle that if i move it past no matter how slow it sputters as well until i let off the throttle again. Also spraying carb clean in the air filter or at the base of the engine causes an RPM increase. Thanks Mark
  4. Id also like to add that the carbs have been cleaned and synced by semi-proffesional Mechanic friends (not dealer). They think that the problem likely lies within the carbs but cant find an obvious culprit. Possibly vaccum leak, poor jetting from previous owners, slides, or valve adjustment.
  5. I would like to start by thanking all the members on this forum. Through the wealth of information on this site and help from Skydoc, Ive been able to get an old 85 Venture running again that has been sitting for years. Which was quite the relief after the beating that I received from local dealers. There are still some significant performance issues that I can't seem to pinpoint with the little money I have and local mechanics lack of Venture knowledge. Issues include: extemely poor gas mileage, speed limited to 70mph, disconnected hoses and wires, the list goes on. With that being said if th
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