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  1. Thanks Snyper316 I am checking pressures and dates as we speak. Thanks for the information. Jesse
  2. Thanks Craig I will most certainly contact him. I am in FL on gulf coast near Ft Myers I am looking for a mechanic as well. Jesse
  3. Thank you very much for the info and I joined the trike forum as well. I will check tire and start there. I honestly dont know how old the tires are I know the trike sat for several years per previous owner.
  4. Hello all I purchased a 2001 RSV Trike. It is my first bike/trike. I road dirt bikes as a kid but never street bikes. The guys at fire department go on trips and I figured I would join them. So heres my question... The front end wobbles at low speeds clears up around 25mph. At any rate I have read and researched through forum and theres a lot of information tire pressures reverse the tire rotation rake it out 6 degrees. I would appreciate any guidance. Thank you in advance Jesse
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