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Headlight Conversion

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I will post pics of what I did and write out how I did it and if is worthy FREEBIRD can be posted in the Technical library.


O.K. I got it done and hope this may help someone else. It is a job for sure but well worth it headlight and driving light set I bought on Amazon Prim.




This is the replacement ring I had purchased for the new headlight. You cannot use the old ring or attempt to use old light housing because you need the locking tabs for the new light to mount. The driving lights more or less plug and play.


When taking apart the original light housing first thing is to remove the plastic retainer on the top of light housing. DO NOT BREAK IT and be careful with it treat it like gold. To remove it mark the top with a marker then you have to put your thumb in behind the plastic and take a small screwdriver and push in on both sides while pushing with your thumb.

Once off put it in a safe place.


I broke the glass out of housing and I used a propane torch on the back side of light to heat up the rubber glue so I could scrape it away to get to the brackets to Dremel.


I cut the light housing brackets off with a Dremel to remove old light housing off old headlight.


Draw a center line down middle between the two mounting holes and the new housing to line up mounting bucket to clamp housing brackets before drilling and pop rivet. I also held the new headlight in place in the locking tabs mounting bucket to insure center of headlight and the center lines lined up.


I had to cut the back side of the new housing out to accommodate the new light and bend the flange and put it on work bench and hammered it flat to be able to clamp the housing to the mounting bucket and make sure your lines line up as perfect as you can to drill 1/8 holes for pop rivets.


While clamps are on drill holes and pop rivet housing and mounting bucket.

After you have it pop riveted and it’s to your liking now you can put the plastic holder on the shaft and slide it into the bracket.

Then put outer ring on and screw in place then mount on the bike. Trim the tabs down were the screws go in and bend them back so they do not touch the chrome headlight rim so you have room to adjust the headlight up and down. If any question ask.











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