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Yamaha Navigation Update

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Yamaha page for infotainment system software information and how to download updates.




At the top of the page where it say Download latest software update is an active link, you click on it and it will down load the latest software onto your computer then you copy that to a thumb drive and use the thumb drive to update the software on the infotainment system.


The current software is R12.0.6. The page shows you how to check the software version on the infotainment system and walks you through the rest.


I have the Yamaha toolbox on my desktop but I am not sure what good it is, going to the link provided above will get you to the software, the Yamaha tool box always tells me there are no updates available.


Here is a link on how to install the Yamaha Toolbox:




Here is a link to the install page for the Yamaha toolbox:




Between the three links everyone should be able to find one of them that works for them on getting software updates for the infotainment system.

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