Overall length100.0 inches/2,540 mm
Overall width37.0 inches/940mm
Overall height60.4 inches/1,535mm
Seat height30.9 inches/785mm
Wheelbase63.4 inches/1,610mm
Min ground clearance5.7 inches/145mm
Wet weight
XVZ13DS - 783lbs/355 kg
XVZ13DSC - 785 lbs/356 kg
Min turning radius114 inches/2,900mm
TypeLiquid cooled, 4 stroke gasoline DOHC
Cylinder arrangementV-4
Bore vs Stroke3.110x2.598in/79x66mm
Compresion ratio10.5 : 1
Compression pressure171 psi/1,177kPa(12kg/cm2)
Starting systemElectric starter
Lubrication system Wet sump
Oil type/grade
If temperature does not go below 40 F (5 C)Yamalube 4-cycle oil/SAE 20W40 type SE
If temperature does not go above 60 F(15 C)SAE 10W30 type SE
Final gear oilSAE 80 API "GL-4" Hypoid gear oil
Oil capacity
Engine - Periodic oil change3.7 US qt/3.5L/3.1 Imp qt
Engine - Oil change with filter replacement4.0 US qt/3.8L/3.3 Imp qt
Engine - Total oil capacity5 US qts/4.7L/4.1 Imp qt
Final gear case0.21 US qt/0.2 L/2.46 Imp qt
Radiator capacity (all routes)2.96 US qt/2.8L/2.46 Imp qt
Typeregular unleaded
Tank capacity - Total5.3 US gal/20L/4.4 Imp gal
Tank capacity - Reserve 1.06 US gal/4.0 L/0.88 Imp
Type/ManufacturerBDS 34x4/Mikuni
Spark plugs
Type/ManufacturerDPR8EA-9 NGK or X24EPR-U9 Nippondenso
Gap0.031~0.035 in/.08~0.9mm
Wet, multiple disc
Constant mesh 5 speed
Primary reduction systemSpur gear
Primary reduction ratio87=49 (1.775)
Secondary reduction systemShaft drive
Secondary reduction ratio21=27 x 33=10 (2.566)
OperationLeft foot shift
Gear ratio
1st gear39=15 (2.600)
2nd gear39=22 (1.772)
3rd gear31=23 (1.347)
4th gear31=29 (1.068)
5th gear29=32 (0.906)
Frame typeDouble cradle
Caster angle28.5 degrees
Trail4.9 in (125mm)
Size Front120/90-18 65H - Bridgestone L303 Dunlop F16
Size Rear140/90-16 71H - Bridgestone G508 Dunlop K807
Wear limit0.04 in (1.0mm)
Tire pressure (cold tire) - Maximum load**
Up to 198 lbs/90k
Front32 psi/2.3kg/cm2
Rear32 psi/2.3kg/cm2
198 lbs/90k ~ **
Front32 psi/2.3kg/cm2
Rear40 psi/2.8kg/cm2
High speed riding
Front32 psi/2.3kg/cm2
Rear32 psi/2.3kg/cm2
Front (right)Disc brake Right hand operation
Front left and rearDisc brake Unified Right foot operation
FrontTelescopic fork
RearSwing arm (New Monocross)
Shock Absorber
FrontAir/coil spring/oil damper
RearAir/coil spring, Gas/oil damper
Ignition systemT.C.I.
Generator systemA.C. magneto generator
Battery type/modelGM-18Z-3A
Battery capacity12V 20AH
Headlight TypeBulb Type (Quartz bulb)
Headlight12V, 60W/55W x 1
Tail/Brake light12V, 8W/27W x 2
Flasher light12V, 27W x 4
Parking/running12V, 8W x 4
Trunk light12V, 5W x 1
Indicator lights
Neutral12V, 3.4W x 1
High beam12V, 3.4W x 1
Head lamp12V, 3.4W x 1
Turn12V, 3.4W x 2
Cruise control
On12V, 3W x 1
Set12V, 3W x 1
Resume12V, 3W x 1
Meter light12V, 3.4W x 4