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Taking a long weekend


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This morning had a gorgeous dawn, then lost most of the color when the sun finally broke through.   The pics don't nearly do justice to seeing it in person, but here's some pics of what i saw while drinking my morning coffee, as well as a few pics from the military aviation museum.   A bike with a sidecar and a scooter that can be parachuted in in a tube and quickly set up.   Just a tiny bit of the cool stuff there.

Military Motorcycle.jpg

VA Beach Sunrise 3.jpg

VA Beach Dawn.jpg

Military Motorcycle 2.jpg

Scooter in a tube.jpg

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I believe the Beemer with the sidecar was German....BMW....used in North Africa.

The scooter was American, and since it was paired with a dummy used as a distraction to the Germans, I'd guess that the scooter was used in Europe, particularly during the invasion at Normandy.

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