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Tachometer add-on

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On 7/31/2022 at 8:06 AM, Bubba Blue said:

Is there a reasonable price tach add-on for this model that anyone can recommend?

I see some have one on the handle bars, hang in there, somebody might even give you directions.

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Not really. Most of the cheap tachs may not be able to handle the V4. Barons uses a small box to adapt single fire motors. That firing issue may not be adaptable in a cheap tachs so you need to be sure what you are ordering. I'm not an expert on this... Maybe someone else can elaborate.

But for me, the biggest issue on my VStar was tach bounce at low tpms.

A good tach shouldnt bounce. So I've been hesitant to put a tach on the RSV.

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There is a write up in the read only/electrical section for installing a tach.  @Carbon_One advised before on one he had purchased off ebay (I got that one but 10 years ago).  Baron's is mentioned as having a lot of bounce.  The one Larry advised on is stable.

Issue to keep in mind of is the spark fires twice...one is a waste burn. 

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