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2001-2004 GL1800 frame issues

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My wife & I are considering moving on from our RSV and I'm looking at a 2002 GL1800 as a possible next bike. It's got 119,000 miles on it but as usual, from what I've seen in my research so far, it's in beautiful shape.  I've never ridden, never mind own one, so I went to Google and YouTube for information.  The one BIG issue seems to be that in the 01 to 04 year range the new aluminum frames experienced frame cracks. As with any defect, some owners had no indications of cracks,  others had them and had no problems getting them repaired, and still others who had the problem and had to fight with Honda to get them fixed.  From what I understand of the eventual Honda recall, it seems that anyone with one of those year bikes can take it to a dealership for repair, or at least assessment, regardless of age.  A dealer can check the bike's VIN to determine if the repair has been done.

The bike we're looking at is in really nice shape, and because it's a "30th Anniversary" edition I guess it has a few more shiny bits.  The asking price is reasonable in comparison to other 5th Gen bikes I can find, but the frame issue is concerning...especially since we plan to do a lot of miles and most of those would be pulling a trailer. (not a camper trailer, just an Aluma MCT with mostly light stuff).

Can any 'wing owners out there help out with some information as to whether this cracking issue is as common as some of the Goldwing posts seem to suggest.  We'll be taking the bike out on Monday for a decent length test-ride and would like to have some info at hand to get the right questions answered.


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