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For Sale: Low Miles 2002 Midnight Venture

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Most would say she's barely broken in at just over 13,000 miles.

Not quite showroom perfect but in excellent condition, always garaged, some extras (additional rear light kit, backrest, highway pegs, tank bib, headset cords).

Nothing at all wrong with it but finances are finally allowing me to modernize and upgrade to a new machine.

Someone will get a great bike and would rather not trade in at dealer offering me $3650 but not really looking to haggle about it either, so posting here first.

I am in Queens NY if that matters; let's all stay safe!













(Apologies for incorrectly placing this in 1st Gen section!)

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We really loved the '06 Gen 2 we had, if it would have had reverse assist I'd probably still have it.  I've got more miles on my SVTC that I've had for 3 years.  What a steal this is.

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Sorry guys, I was just looking for someone to make me any offer in that same ballpark. Honestly I would have taken +$50 to THIS community, which has been a great asset to me for the time I had this bike. I was only a lurker taking great advantage of the knowledge and sharing here so it was my intent to "give back" if anyone was interested. 

Bike is now SOLD to dealer as my new bike came in, but thank you all. 

The tank bib I ordered on eBay from "Talisman" ($130 USD). Quality product, quick delivery and highly recommended. 

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