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Just got an 1984 Venture Royale 1200 - She's in need of Carburator help and WAS starting on choke only before I cleaned it - old gas too.

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4 hours ago, Marcarl said:

My recollection is that I run into the same issue some years ago, and discovered at the time that it goes with the gasket as you indicate. It really doesn't do much good in the curved body of the carb throat in MHO. Not only that, but it looks weird.

OK thanks. I think you are right. To OP, you may want to look at this!??

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2 hours ago, Solace said:

Here she is put all back together. Clearly I have something still wrong, going to double check carb tuning, failing that, gota check the choke circuit - had to start her today with quick start. Once she is warm it's SUPER easy to start. 

But she rides, she's mine, and I got years to make her shine.

I would say it's running on 3. 2 cylinders. The 'popping' that you hear is when it fires on all 4. As far as starting cold with no choke is an indicator that it is running rich. A choke, or in this case a fuel enrichment valve is there for a reason, and that is to get it to start when its cold. Something still not working right on 1 jug I think.


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