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Myrtle Beach Bike Week


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I will attempt to extend my trip past Sunday a couple days if possible. It actually starts on Friday the 13th, so I’ll be the the first couple days if nothing else. Beach & motorcycle will still be a great time 

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It's such a long trip for me but the week before may be better anyway, another thing about the week before is you don't have to deal with all of those trouble making motorcycle riders. 

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Last time I went "first weekend" seemed the party had not started. Um, to restate that, there were no vendors at Barefoot or south. I normally just do a day trip, from the Columbia, SC area, 3 hours.  
But I got plans for the following Saturday (21st) so,,, I may do a day trip during the week. I'm 5 years retired.
Seems previous you guys met at Hamburger Joe's on the event Wednesday. But that was during Skid's vacation. 
Anyhow, I'll check back to this thread to see if anyone makes plans. Still got the GW Trike and a RSTD. 
Mike G in SC

Mike G and Trike.jpg

Edited by Mike G in SC
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