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Is this my fuel filter?

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I unscrewed this little fella and I'm just wondering if the contraption underneath is the fuel filter.

I'm also trying to find where the fuel sending unit is? I took off the seat and I have the gas tank exposed. All of this is so I can clean the tank and/or remove the tank itself.

Also where can I find this information in the manual? I thought I looked just about everywhere such as the chassis and engine sections looking for either the fuel filter or the sending unit and I didn't see any mention of it. 



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11 minutes ago, SpencerPJ said:

That is your fuel pump.  The filter is between that and the tank.  My 83, it was on the cross section in front of the rear tire.  Kinda a pain to get to.  Probably looks like an old school auto aluminum type.  I replaced mine with a glass one.

Thank you friend I appreciate the help!

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The sending unit is located in the tank under the seat. It has a wire running to a spade connection I believe.  If you have the service manual, check page 8-29 in the APPX section.  This diagram shows cable and wire routing and you can see the fuel level sending unit connection between the frame rail just above the cross member.  Also check page 7-67 as they talk about testing the sending unit on that page and show its location.

Good luck.

Rick F.

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