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Cruise Panel Bulbs

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I am not sure what the number would be but Yamaha list this as this..  Bulb (12V-3W) with part number 1NL-83517-00-00 and not available anymore.  I would take one out and take it to somewhere to compare it and see if you can find one that works. I have never had to replace one yet so havent taken the time to see if I can find one. The service manual doesnt break it down any better either so just take one and compare to find the correct bulb is your best bet.

Good luck.

Rick F.

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A couple of years back I’d replaced all of my dash bulbs with LEDs. I can’t recall the part numbers, but they were readily available and relatively inexpensive. Pretty sure I got them at a place called Superbrightleds.com , it was pretty easy to cross reference them, I may have even talk to their customer service.

My one piece of advise….don’t put a white bulb behind a colored lens…if it shines through a green lens, get a green bulb. If it shines through a red lens get a red bulb.

Also one tip to others so you don’t make the same mistake I did…I replaced my warm white dash bulbs with red, although it looks really cool….it’s functionality leaves something to be desired. My dash at night is somewhat difficult to read. Luckily I don’t do that much night riding.

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