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Ditch Digger


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I told my kids get an education or you will end up digging ditches, well it turns out digging ditches pays pretty good. I decided I wanted to move my power to the house under ground and the utility company says that's fine but after he gave me a price with them digging the ditch verses me digging the the ditch I decided to dig it myself. Plus when I mentioned where the water line was and he told me I would have to remove a section of sidewalk he was really leaning towards me digging the ditch. So he lowered the price and supplied all the conduit and fittings and I became a ditch digger, I did hit the water line so I was a plumber for a while and I tunneled under the sidewalk then laid the 3" conduit and covered it all up making a muddy mess. 


Conduit for service 2110 (5).jpg

Conduit for service 2110 (6).jpg

Conduit for service 2110 (24).jpg

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Mike nailed it, I have a backhoe but it was still back breaking and a lot of work I had rather been riding the bike but digging the ditch and laying the conduit saved me some money. I had some cyst remove and as soon as the stiches come out I'll finish the wiring in the new box. 

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