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I'm back!!

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It's Brown Angel here..


Had so many things happen to us this year and to start I'm glad to be here.  My bike now is a 1991 Venture Royale .  I sold my Goldwing due to the covid.. Needed money and if it wasn't nailed down it went.

Thought I could just walk away from the whole thing of riding and bikes but quickly found it wasn't that!  It was all of you and many others that made it special to me.  Comradery the laughs and even the sorrows of losses made it what I love the most.

So now I'm back I wanted to see and what we can do to make life easier.  I will be needing help to fix a petcock leak, it's slight but it's there.  Other things will show up only cause they do.  Miss all of you and wish to see some of you in Maggie Valley NC. my home now.




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