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adding aftermarket lighting , Fog Lights and marker lights

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I drive OTR so the trucker in me has a addiction to lot's an lot's of LED lighting . I have been scrolling through but have not found a topic on this yet . I am looking at adding Fog Lights to the front then rear and side marker amber an red lights seeing my 84 has been very well kept i feel the amber/ yellow lighting is the best color to match my tan an cream color paint .....I was told earlier that a bike looking like a spaceship is annoying but my response to that is Hey you saw it and you remember it so High visibility worked in my opinion . I do not want to drill holes in my hardbags so alternative mounting will be my route but a really nice glow around the bike from behind plus I am going to add like a 4" yellow fog lamp to the crash bars so forward lighting should be burn the hair off a opossum at 100 yards worthy ........so who has lighted up their bikes recommendation of lights mounting locations is welcome also toss some pics in lets see these light up the night sky rides  

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You can buy led panels that replace the side reflectors. Just take off the reflectors and bolt on the lights. The led panels I found fit almost perfectly inside the reflector mount. Just slight trimming. I wired mine to the running lights and turn signals. Get the LEDs that offer two different led sets per light....IE three wires. Ground. Running and turn. This way they also blink with turn signals. 

I also added a white led strip under the cowl wired to the running lights.

Finally, added a set of lights to the rear reflector in the center and one bulb to the reflector on each side in rear underneath the hard bags.

Pics show result....

The reflector on the trunk is very bright with headlights on it so I left that alone. 





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@videoarizona interesting your trunk doesn’t have lights.  My 87 has running lights and turn signals on the trunk, I guess there were different options.  I like that you have the radiator side cover light working.  Mine had the wires cut and I haven’t bothered to hook it back up, but seeing yours I think I want to invest the effort.  Do those also blink?

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