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Tour Deluxe Help Please


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Hey everyone. I’m new to the site but need a little help. I picked up a 2005 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe. I got it pretty cheap, the guy said it had carb problems. He looked at it and gave up on it and let it sit for five years in an open air shed with the tank and breather box off of it. The carbs were locked up, but I disassembled them and cleaned them and got everything  freed up and blown out. Reassembled and put them on the bike. But this is not what I need help with. 

im good with mechanical but not so good with wiring. The coil for the front right cylinder was missing the plug wire so I’ll have to replace it. But also, the wires powering the coil are missing. So here lies my problem. I’ve seen on eBay, used coil harnesses. Most of them appear to run two coils. But the front left coil is intact, with wires going to it. My question is what coil harness do I need and where do I plug it in. There is an unplugged plug in my harness with a red/black strip and white wire. Maybe this is it. And…I don’t understand wiring diagrams very well, so could someone please tell me the location. Thanks 

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