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Best speaker upgrade for a Gen 2 ?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a speaker upgrade on the Gen 2s?

My left rear speaker has developed a buzz/distortion. All I'm finding on Amazon or eBay in marine, 4" speakers have permanent plastic grills. I don't think they'll fit in the fairing or passenger seat back.

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Most times those plastic grills if "installed" can be removed by cutting or drilling of little plastic nubs on back side of speaker edge. Marine speakers are probably the way to go, but I remember seeing over in fix side of forums.

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I put a pair of Kickers on y '86 and I was not impressed. They were second hand, so that may have been the problem.

I changed them out with some no name NIB 4" 3 ways I picked up at a local flea market and they sounded much nicer.

I'll probably pick up a pair of the 200W Pyle marine speakers of of Amazon for $35 and install them this winter. Right now, I just have the fade set to front speakers only.

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