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What is The Best Oil for the Forks on XVZ1200


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About 3 months ago I repaired both forks on my 83 1200

On oil refill I used a synthetic blend oil by Torco

I noticed a leak on one fork about 4 days ago , and I drained the oil and it came out black and ugly

I have flushed the fork 4 times now and will flush it again on July 22 .

The bike has not been run for at least 3 months and I don't understand why the oil would turn black with the bike sitting 

Have heard some comments about the seals not being compatible with synthetic blend oil

I hope some can explain why the oil would turn to a dark black

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My guess would be one of the additives in the oil don't like your forks. I have seen this before but don't remember what fork oil it was. Use a name brand oil and see what happens.

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