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I realize it has been done a thousand times, but I gotta throw out some props for Mike Eykamp. I've had my '06 RSTD down for like a month now doing some primping. Got his carbs for my gal and after getting them on, finishing a few other things, I went for a short ride between the rain showers today.. Beautiful.. she is as smooth as my baby boys bottom. I finally put the V&H Monster Ovals from Christmas on and I'm telling ya this bike is sounding like a V-8 Chevy.  No more pops and cackles on decel just a smooth rumbling unwind.. so
Thank you ..
Mike Eykamp.
You may be the diamond cut guy, but you are the carburetor king.

Freebird, I used the flasher mod. Took me some but I found a soldering tip for my iron that would reach in with out me melting the case, tinned the tip with some silver and it works excellent, flashes at a very acceptable rate for an all LED Lighting system..

Secondly, I tried using the freebird method for bar end weights. I found that my plugs were pressed collars with rubber insert around the screw sleeve. No spot welds. I took a cut off wheel, made a slice length ways, pried it open and they came right out. I know you Venture guys like the TD bars (Sorry Mike Eykamp). The '06 bars were honed just deep enough for the collared bushing to fit right in the open end.  No fit the Flanders pull backs. I have a friend who instructs machine shop at JCTC, he took the Flanders bars, drilled my throttle mount hole and lathed the collars to fit and pressed into the new bars. Kudos David Sharer.  Apologies for not taking pictures. I have custody of 4 grandchildren, including a 1yo. Have to work around them or when I can get some respid 

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100% agree, Mike is awesome.  He not only helped me get my bike running right w/ rebuilt carbs, he helped me getting it looking right too!  He will tell you differently on that last point though as we seem to have a difference of opinion on how much chrome is too much chrome.  🤣  He's a standup guy and genuinely cares about helping a brother out.  Between @eusa1, @Patch, @cowpuc and the many others who gave me advice, encouraged me and taught me, I'm enjoying the heck out of my Venture now that she's running right!


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