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All Balls Rear Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit

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Does anyone have any experience with the All Balls brand Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit?

I’m going on my fourth rear master cylinder rebuild and I’ve always used the OEM kit from Partzilla (cost on sale is about $70 on sale and about $90 when it’s not) and they seem to last about 2 seasons. It’s weird, I get two seasons and then over the winter I notice a small puddle and inevitably I’ve have lost 2/3’s of my braking power (I’m still linked).

Basically, I’m tired of shelling out $70-$90 every couple years....I do lightly hone the cylinder walls with some 1000 grit nothing major, just a light hone to make certain there’s no ridge.

So I came across the All Balls kit which doesn’t come with the piston (but who cares, I’ve two others in pretty good nick), they’re kit (#18-1082) is less than $20 shipped on Amazon....really as I see it, the only thing I really need are the two rubber seals (springs and clips should be fine although they are included)

if anyone has experience with this kit, please share....otherwise I’ll be the test platform and report back results.

Finally, I’m contemplating the delink.

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Somethin ain't right, I agree and would not trust that master cylinder. It may be the rubbers and then again it might not be.

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Kinda my thought too...but the inside of the cylinder looks decently smooth and I’ve never been too aggressive with it. Might just have to source a replacement, hello ebay!

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I used the Yamaha rebuild kit on mine a long time ago and have never had any issues with it. Partshark has it for $46.86 according to their website..  https://www.partshark.com/oemparts/a/yam/5107f83cf870022108d6578b/rear-master-cylinder  Item #2. It also includes the piston. 

Personally, if I had rebuilt it as much as you have I would be looking for a different master cylinder and rebuild it and see if that made a difference as it sounds like something isnt right with that one.

Good luck.

Rick F.

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