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Howdy from the heartland (Oklahoma)

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Hello all, just introducing myself.  I'm Derek S. and a married father of 3(44 years young).  I got a new to me 05 RSTD yesterday.  It's got 10K miles on the odometer and for the price I paid for a full dresser, the Harley boys would be miffed to say the least and I feel as though I got a crazy good deal considering everything else out there in the price range I was looking at.  I bought it more for the cruiser aspect knowing I could tour with it if I really wanted to.  

The story of my bike is that it belonged to an older gentleman who rode it and then I guess it got too heavy for him and he bought a Yamaha Majesty maxi-scoot.  He put 30 miles on the Majesty and then parked it and died a shortwhile later as I understand it.  Both the bike and scoot sat in an enclosed garage untouched for a couple of years before being sold to the dealer/shop I bought it from.  I can tell it was covered that whole time because of the condition of the seat, chrome, and all the plastics.  The shop changed all fluids/filters, new tires, new battery, and rebuilt the carbs.  


I've only put about 20 miles on it so far but I think I'm really going to like it.  I've never had a bike this nice before (Marauder, FZ6, Vulcan 900, Guzzi 1100, and Shadow 1100 are my previous bikes in order).  Seems like it has very good power although I do could do with a little less whine but that seems par for the course for these engines.  Wish my insurance was slightly cheaper too but they're pricing it that way because of the lowers and bags.  

Anway, I'm glad I found you guys because it seems as if the other Yamaha forum for cruisers isn't quite as active especially for our models.  

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