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Been lurking for a few months

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Posted this over in New member's. Maybe that was the wrong spot? 


Hi I'm Chris.  Was turned onto this forum by my friend on FB.   I will likely be pretty quiet but wanted to introduce myself.  Been going back and forth about keeping or selling a 04 Midnight RSV I acquired last fall for what I thought was cheap but now I kinda feel like I overpaid after repairs.   Repairs are ongoing.  So far I've done the carb swap with Mike.  I'm not sure what he goes by on here.   Need to do the shock rebuild with Mr. Fitzgerald.  I replaced plugs, coils, frost plugs in the jugs.  Need to rebuild slave cylinder, do Barnett pressure plate upgrade and possibly clutch plates.   I do have the original motor with 130k miles on her that supposedly got pulled because the PO overheated it and blew a head gasket.  Will try to rob clutch plates from it and only buy pressure plate.   Something is funky in the headlight/passing lamps so I'll dig into that sometime this year.  I'm sure they are wired wrong as they come on with the bright's and cause everything up front to dim.   The toggle switch for them does not work either.   Honestly if I could get what I paid for it plus what I've put into it since I would get something different.  But that's never going to happen so I'll see the project through to completion.  Ive put almost 1000 miles on it despite it's problems and I really love the power and handling.  She really is a good bike which is why I am actually willing to continue her restoration.  I'm sure as I ride her more I will fall in love and keep it forever.   Thanks for allowing me to be here.  I signed up in October and just purchased the supporting subscription.  Guess you're stuck with me now LOL.



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