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Looking to get a 2000 yamaha royal star venture

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I have rode many miles on several different bikes. Mostly on Gold wings. Been in every state except Alaska, Hawaii and North Dakota on a Gold Wing. I have owned lots of Honda's from 750 Shadows to 1800 Gold wings, Also owned a couple Kawasaki's from a 500 triple 2 stroke to a 1400 Concours. Now I'm looking at a 2000 Venture. 33000 miles and looks real nice the seller wants $3000. . So what should I look for when I look at it this coming week? Anything specific other than the normal, wear, service ETC. Is there a specific problem with these bikes I should be aware of? Are there any good videos out that shows how to change the air filter and the coolant ? I looked on you tube and couldn't find any.

Here are a couple pictures of it



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@Fresnojoe I picked up a 2007 last year with just 21k miles on it and ended up having to have the carbs rebuilt.  That's not so much a bike issue as it is a crappy ethanol gas and probably not stored right issue.  In my case, the bike ran extremely hot due to running lean due to gunked up carbs.  With such few miles on a 2000, I would place a bet that a carb rebuild is not far off.

Changing the air filter and coolant is not terribly difficult if you have basic mechanical skills.  Going from memory,  for the air filters you will need a 10mm socket with ~6" extension and a longish phillips screw driver.  Loosen the clamp screw holding the boot on behind the airbox, then remove the bolts on top & bottom of the airbox.  The whole box will come off and there are about 5 screws holding the two pcs together.  Remove those & then once inside, two screws hold the filter in place.

Coolant change is a bit more involved and requires tank removal for refilling.  The drain is located at the bottom of the radiator.  Not difficult, just more steps involved.

I'm about 3 hrs north of you so if you get it, give me a shout and will see if we can sync up.

They are great bikes.

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Thanks for the offer t. .  the seller just lowered the price to $2750 I think I will try and go there on Thursday and pick it up if he still has it,. My wife had an appointment  yesterday and today so Thursday is the soonest I can get there.

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