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Upper Fairing edge trim

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Does anyone know where you can buy the chrome edge trim that goes under the mirror.  Yes I have a damaged edge that needs covered.  I have seen them on bike but never for sale.

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Really, that is uprising.  I would have never guessed that Yamaha made them for trim.  They so obviously serve to hide the inevitable fairing damage if the bike falls over.  I look at it like the mirror placement that eventually found it place to shield the hands.  This bike falls over and hits the engine guard and then just keeps going until it ends up on that point of the fairing.  The amount of damage that occurs is like the old bumper on my 71 mustang.  I can probably identify 12-24 plastic fastener points that potentially crack from dropping the bike at parking lot speeds.  Just poor engineering.  Maybe Yamaha realized this and made the edges to help cover up the problem. 

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