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What 'official' color is my bike? / Thank you

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Hi all

Hope everyone is keeping OK 

Can anyone confirm the colour of my bike is Platinum/Titanium?

Finding paint here in the UK is proving a problem, may have found a supplier, but don't want to order if its wrong ha.

Also, wanted to say a belated thank you to @cowpuc, I finally got around to dealing with the problem I had with my neutral safety switch today (o ring was damaged so it was leaking a small amount of oil) , you video was invaluable (it was a while ago, so you may not remember) 'touch wood' it seems to have stopped the (albeit minor) leak.


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10 hours ago, Marcarl said:

Yeah I've seen this, thanks ... paint codes for the colours I think are 00TY 'elegant brown' and 0789 'Yellowish silver' 


Just wanted to confirm these are the colours.

With it being an import, its seems mamma yamma didn't do these colors on UK bikes very often.


Yamaha uk told me to go to a company called RS, even they don't have it ha

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