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Has any one used the bike master aux fue tank 

I purchased one off amazon has hose at top and bottom. I hooked top to the vacuum that hooks under the tank and the bottom to the fuel line. 

I noticed if i just open the petcock nd let the fuel flow i get fuel dumping ( not a whole lot) under the bike near the battery. 

Is this Normal or do i need to bypass the fuel pump or what. i kept the bike running for a while use about 1/4 gallon by opening the petcock and closing it. 

any help would be great.  Thanks 

Pictures are the aux tank, and where the fuel is leaking 




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The upper line is a vent and does not need to be connected to anything.  I haven't used mine on my Venture but I think the bottom line should be connected to the suction side of the fuel pump.   I have used mine on my Kawasaki but it doesn't have a fuel pump.  

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