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Dunlop E4 tires

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So! I now have run my E4 tires through two seasons Date code on tires is 2017, Initially tires ran great with excellent road holding and braking as well as great ride. Some have found the tires noisy but I have not found this to be the case with mine. The tires still have 50% tread left on them with approx. 7,000 km on them. Here however is the issue. Near the tail end of this summer I started noticing the back wheel would occasionally slide out on me during turns in intersections specially right hand turns and yet they still seem to be holding well in the curves. I believe this to be a case of hardening of the rubber. I had the same issue with the E3's getting over 25,000 km but having to replace before they were worn out due to slippage. I think my next tire change will be leaning towards trying the shinko 777's. I have read good things about them in regards to ride and road holding. Though they may wear faster than the E4's what does it matter if the tire gets scary before its worn out making the actual usable life span about the same but at double the price.

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I'll be the 3rd one on this thread to attest that Shinko 777 has performed as well as other big tire manufacturers out there.  My rear  777 has over 10,000 miles  now and I think it will last for another 5K to 7K miles.  No complaints on this end.  My front 777 was installed about a year ago also with no complaint to mention.  I think more  and more riders are beginning to trust the 777 tire.  FWIW, my next tire for the SVTC will be a 777 too, when the time comes.  

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