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I see you have a 2000 Venture, where I have a 1989 Venture Royale. The VIN number for your bike is stamped on the steering head bike, readable from the right side of the bike it appears per the owners manual.  I didnt see where the engine number is but I know on my bike it is on the left back side of the motor just about the transmission cover at the left rear of the engine. Yours could be in the same location but I am not sure.  

Where about in Minn do you live as I am in Bloomington and might be able to assist you in locating the needed number if you would like.   Here is a page from the owners manual that might help with the VIN number and I included the engine number location from my bike also as the engines are built about the same.

Let us know if this helps you or now.. 

Rick F.

2000 Yamaha RSV page.docx Yamaha VR Mark II numbers.docx

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