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Still mowing


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Lookin good there Mr. Nelson, lookin good!! As far as west Michigans lake shore, mow shmow,, how bout s&*w?  :) Fool thought he had me on that one 😛 :) !!  My mowing has been done for month now and about 40% of our leaves are down. We are now in the phase of the battle between the leafs and fools WWW.. Twice now we have been covered with WWW but,, you know Jeff he likes to tease and not send enough to nock down the rest of the leafs. This leaves everyone here wondering if our raking/blowing techniques are going to have to start including raking and blowing up in the trees where the bulk of the leaves remain if we dont want to end up with an unrakeable, unblowable leaf disastor come spring.


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Yea, I figure our leaves are about 40% down also.  I mowed/mulched them today but will likely have to vacuum next time.  I have a DRPower leaf vac that I tow with the mower but I HATE using that thing.  I don't do it any more often than necessary.

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I have a few mowing rules.

1. I hate mowing.

2. I will always be the last person on the block to mow for the first time in spring, and NEVER before May.

3. I hate mowing.

4. I will always be the first person on the block to mow for the last time in fall, and NEVER after September.

5. I hate mowing

6. I NEVER fertilize, that only makes for more mowing.

7. I hate mowing.

8. Drought and that lovely shade of brown that grass gets to is a good thing, I NEVER water, that promotes mowing.

9. I hate mowing.

10. NEVER EVER will I mow twice in the same week, never for any reason.


Did I ever mention that I hate mowing?


And then there is that @cowpuc character that like to poke the bear, thinks that no one can read thru things like s&*w that he is realy trying to say SNOW.


WI White Washer.gif

Snow Ball.gif

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Last time mowing coming up soon. Gonna be warm next few days so hopefully all the leaves will be down and dry. One more time and then the mower gets exchanged with the blower, and that needs to be tuned. Lovely changing of the seasons, can't find a better place to live.

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