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1992 Venture, 30K miles (Arlington, VA)

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The bike is in great shape with low miles, 30K.  It won't idle without the choke.  I don't have a place to work on it so I'm only asking $500.  That a huge loss for me but this is a really nice bike for someone (with a garage).


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On 10/25/2020 at 10:12 PM, wdrummond said:

On pause for now while I try a couple of things suggested on this site.  Thanks all.

When you take it off hold . Will you text me please. I'm working on mine now. Got the motor out and the head pulled. Got a post showing the pictures tear down. I might need a new bike . Our only transportation right now. We travel for work . Remodeling dollar general stores. Bike broke down 2 days after last job. Haven't been able to work since. Supposed to start a new DG an hour away from home. Ride fell through I lined up. The wife and I have fell love with this bike. So please let me have first shot at it. If you decide to sell it. Thank you sir


"I'm not a bum, just broke right now and I'm trying to figure out how to fix that."

got to laugh.

Pops & Nana.


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Even though I've been trying to sell mine, if this one were anywhere near me I would own it already. It looks like a screaming deal for anyone that can pull a rack-o-carbs.  GLWS, or repair.

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