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News on what's next for the site

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OK folks, I got back home around 9:30 last night.  Taking off for a week really put me behind in my business;  I have a ton of appointments, service calls, and installs this week.  However, in what spare time I can find, I will be continuing to work on the new site.  There is much to be done and It will be slow but I don't see having to take it offline during these changes.  Some things on my list are adding a chat room, adding a home page (though I'm not even sure that we need one), setting up the "membership" button for those wanting to become supporting members, etc.  A lot to do.  There are a few features that likely will never come back.  They were more the "fun" type of gadgets and some are not available for this software and some are simply not worth the cost.  I'll just take them one at a time and go from there.  

I would also like to extend a personal not of thanks to Josh.  You may or may not have seen his name pop up, I don't think that I have.  The fact is though, I hired him to help with the migration fo all our data because this was a major update and I wan't to do all I could to ensure that we didn't lose our old posts, tech articles, etc.  Josh was instrumental in getting everything moved over to the new software.  I'm sorry you didn't get any warning.  That was my fault.  I was busy purchasing the new software, getting the license keys and etc. to Josh, much more.  He told me to let him know when I was ready to start.  I sent him the license key and login information to the server and I guess he took this as a "GO".  I had intended to give you all a warning but it just didn't happen.  The reason it was down so long was the migration of all the old data to the new data.  Once it was installed and ready to go, it took almost 2 days to migrate all our old information and the site had to be offline during that time.  

So anyway, we are getting there.  The site should stay up.  Maybe offline for a few minutes at some point but I don't think so.  We should be ok.

So please be patient.  

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THANK YOU Josh where ever you are, for helping out our hard working Commanding Officer like you are,, YOU are greatly appreciated!! Also,, no fear Don,, we have the patience of Job and are PROUD of what you do for us and thankful for it!!  Personally,, I am amazed at how much energy you have brother!!  Glad you folks had a great, much deserved vacation and are now safely back with us!  As always,, its all gonna work out just great!!

Keep the faith,, we are!!!


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Can't even imagine the amount of work involved in the switch over to say nothing of maintaining the site.

Thanks for all that you do.

Hope you all had a great vacation! and Squidly go to go? How great is that? 🤪

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