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my 87 totaled Have MANY spare PARTS for 83-93

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Unfortunately my '87 Royale with 31 years of me in the seat and 114k got totaled :( . I did not get hurt at all. ATGATT. It was somewhat of a freak accident. I let the insurance company take the bike away because I "might" have had a bend at the steering neck and I did not want to rebuild my 87 because the insurance company gave me enough $$ to go modern with ABS. I say "might" ...it was and low speed with big damages, forks and more and I am too tired/old to put it back together. If I described the accident you would not believe it. The parts I have have been my spares from 86 parts bike for years . I have an almost complete 86 parts bike and carried these items everywhere with me...just in case- ...Ignitors, multiple vacuum advancers, turn signals, carb slides and much more. Let me know what you are looking for, Contact me at jsmthefix@optimum.net ..........If you guys don't need or want,,,,then it's ebay.

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Thank you....I wish someone had recorded it... it was a truly unbelievable thing. Due to trying to avoid "stuff", a stopped car on the interstate highway watching another car that lost its wheel, myself traveling down a moderate hill(many in my area), I simply applied Modified brakes w/FJR 320mm rotors so hard that I did a stoppie . I almost got it stopped but tapped a car that succeeded in completing my acrobatic flip(butt over tea kettle) and twist. It was so slow the car simply moved before I landed. The car did not even have a dent in the bumper at all...the whole incident was slow motion. It would have been worse w/o the extra braking power. Spare parts include NEW cam cover gaskets, many shims, perfect instrument panel, turn signals, unused new windshield and mufflers from parts bike and more. Obviously items I acquired over the last 31 years . Just think of something and email me. jsmthefix@optimum.net I bought a different low miles 1300.....FJR :) it has ABS

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