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What HP tune to daily drive?

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I recently bought a 2018 f350 power stroke platinum discover here, and am in the process of having it deleted and tuned.


I will be running an S&B CAI, 5" Flopro straight pipe, EGR delete (obvs), and PPEI ezlynk 2.0 tunes.


Those are the only mods I plan on doing, so just wondering what the safest HP tune would be? I hope to run the 60HP but if a 30 would be ideal I would be fine with that too. Not really deleting or tuning to be cool and run big numbers, just want something reliable


Thank you in advance!

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which engine:think:


I run the old 6lt close to 400k klm.... All stock accept for updated injectors & FICM (also upgraded to 07). My numbers as is run nearly matching @ 500 HP & Torq.  

If I increased the exhaust pipe Dia. I would loose turbo boost causing the output numbers to drop. Yes I know lots do it but, you then need to compensate for pressure signals.

If reliability is a concern (is the case for me) then I would keep the mods to a bare minimum at least on the 18, 6.7 lt. @ 450 HP and near 1000 ft. lbs. of torque. That truck is built for torque, and remember a pickup with that torque can and will leap out from under you at almost any highway speed, they are quite light in the rear when not towing!

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