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07 locked in 2nd gear.....

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Not on my ‘07. This is the first time I’ve heard of such occurrence. I am

leaning towards an issue on the clutch mechanism.



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The clutch..... even though it disengages? It has been a few years since the fluid has been flushed.

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Ensure yourself that you are not low in clutch fluid and it is always beneficial to keep your fluid fresh and clean.


I am no clutch expert...it could be a spring problem - just speculating. Now that we are talking about this type of issue, I remember talking to a co- worker and he was complaining about his gold wing...once in gear - it slips out of gear during hard acceleration.


I am sure others will chime in later and give you better advise.



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My 07 venture is locked in 2nd gear. The clutch does disengage, it just won’t shift. Have any of you had this happen?


Sure Craig,, on many occasions thru the years.. Never on one of my 1st Gens but lots of times on my track bikes,,, probably cause of the trauma those little suckers went thru.. I pirated the video that was in the 1st post in the thread that the link Freebird sent you to cause it was/is really straight forward and definititive in revealing some of the intricate parts often associated with an issue you are describing.. Watch it carefully.. Do you see the shaft spinning behind the shift drum that is being rotated to match gears? It is the shaft in the background.. This is really important because without rotation within the tranny the shift drum action that the guy is showing in the foreground becomes almost impossible.. You will want to mimic this background shaft action while moving your shifter up and down,, I have found that the simplest way to do this "in the field" is by rocking the bike back and forth while moving shifting it... There is no need to concern yourself with the clutch operation at this time,, matter of fact,, stay away from the clutch,, instead of using your left hand to pull the clutch in, use it to shift with as you lean forward on the bike to rock it back and forth just lean down and lightly shifty with your fingers.. This will add to the feel you get when the gears mesh and it shifts..

Yes,, clutch functionality definitely can and does cause sticky/hard shifting but it does not usually cause the tranny to actually be stuck in gear.. IMHO, that is usually caused by a broken spring, loosened screw on the end of the shift drum, broken follower cam, missing pin in the shift drum locater or something like that = all parts that you are seeing in the video.. Very seldom (although it does happen and I have had to split cases because of it) does the repair involve internal tranny repair requiring engine removal.. The parts you are viewing in the video are located under the clutch basket and do require basket removal to repair..

If you check your bike out as described and it refuses to release from gear DO NOT STOMP ON SHIFTER as this can easily do internal damage.. Instead,, pull the clutch basket and get a peak under there.. Also,, if you do this,, watch carefully in the bottom of the case under the clutch for little parts!! You do not want pieces of broken springs or the like making their way into the tranny.. Make sense?

All an opinion of course!


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