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Remembering bongo bob

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Please remember Bob today on his Birthday and send up some prayers.

I know you are walking a long with our Heavenly Father Bob. Please ask our Lord to look down and protect our Venture Rider family.

You will always be remembered.

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You made us laugh, you made us cry,

we miss you Bongo and this is why.

Your smiling face and gentle way,

is with us to this very day.

But that is not an end to itself,

your wrenching prowess remains on our shelf.

You helped so many throughout the years,

another reason you still get cheers.

Your battle fought when you were ill,

teaching us to fight with skill.

Has also taught so many here,

to rest in God and fight the fear.

You my friend are like no other,

a true life hero, a true life brother!


Miss you Bongo! Happy Birthday!

Your friend - Puc

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Yeah, it hits me some time that Bongo and Yammer Dan are no longer with us. I never had the pleasure of meeting them in person but felt like I knew them from the forum. Rest in Peace Friends!

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Yes, Bob was a gem of a man. I feel lucky that I had met him and became friends with him. My thoughts and prayers still go out to Becky and hoping she is at peace and living an active life.

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