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First Gen Spectre air filter addapter plate

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Hey all,

So a few years ago a took a shot at prototyping and making an adapter plate to use an inexpensive and readily available Specter 8166 air filter for the first gen venture since the original filters are hard to find and the K&Ns are pricey. After 2 years of service with over 5k miles in all weathers from below freezing to well above 100 degrees and long duration of hot traffic idling I feel confident in putting it out there for the rest of the community. It has not affected the performance of my bike at all and has not warped or deformed since the day I put it on. See pictures for what it looks like and how it fits in.


The part is 3D printed using PETG which handles the high temp and oil just fine (I even have PETG printed parts that have survived multiple years in my 87' Ford diesel engine that are in direct contact with heat and oil unlike this air filter plate) If you have any questions, would like one, or would even like to see if I can make other replacement/adaptive parts just shoot me a message.



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Over 6,000 miles, 30-110 degree rides and its still going strong!

I also wanted to announce that I have simplified being able to get one of these through my new Etsy shop. Anyone whose interested can purchase it here ( https://www.etsy.com/listing/872563342/first-gen83-85-yamaha-venture-specter? ) and it still comes with the 2 year warranty!

Happy Riding!

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