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Video about Covid 19 treatment

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This Texas Doctor claims that he uses a very effective treatment for Covid 19. He says that Taiwan a country of 25 million has used a similar treatment and they have only had 8 deaths. Japan also uses a similar treatment and they have had about 1,000 deaths in a population of 125 million. The video is long but he gets to the treatment way before the end.



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I envy Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. They have had low numbers of infections. Thailand has no new transmissions for over a month now.


I agree, they did a good job handling Coronavirus. I am watching Mark Wiens and it seems like everything is back to normal in Thailand.

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Looks like it must have offended someone Youtube pulled it.


Yeah, anything that doesn't come out of the CDC gets deleted by our tyrant anti-1st amendment tech companies. Don't wear a mask. Ok, we lied to you. Wear a mask. The latest from the head of the CDC was that wearing a mask is more effective than taking a vaccine.

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