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Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for all the thoughts and prayers and messages after the daeth of my 22 year old daughter last August. I didn't think I'd be able to go riding again after that. In case you do not know, she was killed in Charlotte, NC 8/30/19 after getting into the backseat of a friends car with two others(a girl EMT egaged to be married and had a 7 year old son, and a soldier just home from Kuwait for 3 weeks) in the rear, her other friend in the front seat passenger side (her 21st birthday) and her boyfriend driving. They pulled out go to get on interstate and when they done a Uturn, a Yamaha R1 was running 122 mph ( cops said) T-boned my daughters door, going thru the whole backseat killing all three in the back, the two up front was not injured, and of course the bike rider was killed also! The EMT station was just across the street from where it happened at 9:38 on that Friday night. The EMTs heard him coming winding it as tight as it would go and he never let off until they heard the crash! They estimated 140 mph!! The car was literally destroyed, it is unbelievible that a motorcycle could have done that to a car!! So....she was our only child, just got hired that exact day to a job in orthodontics that she'd went to college for, and just picked up keys to her new apartment I was going to move her into the very next day at 3:00 when she got off work! So yeah its been extremely painful. I didn't think Id be able to ride again, after she was killed by a Yamaha, and she was my riding buddy! But I thought, its like guns....guns dont kill people, the idiots thats using them does!! That idiot running 140 mph in a 45 mph zone in the city limits of Charlotte where all kinds of turning lanes and side streets was at, he was freaking insane! So I have been riding, I miss her tremendously though! I do get nauseated and chills when I hear a crotch rocket winding up though! Thanks again guys! Stay in touch!! Safe riding!!

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I cannot even imagine your pain, and doubt there is anything I could say to help. Its good to hear you are finding some comfort in riding again.


All the best, Craig

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